Relining Technologies services most of Southern California. We provide the following services on an appointment basis Monday-Saturday.​

Cured-In-Place-Pipe Traditional Pipe-Lining:

This highly utilized “Trenchless” is utilized to prevent root intrusion or to seal cracks and breaks where root damage has already occurred, providing a new pipe inside and existing pipe. This modality is often favorable as opposed to excavating the street, or trenching and replacing a sewer line, which often leaves behind a permanent “scar” or aesthetic defect on the property. At Relining Technologies, we utilize the inversion lining technique, which is generally non-invasive, rehabilitating drains through a single access point. This process enhances the efficiency of the pipe, providing added value to the home or building being serviced. Our certified crews line 3″-8″ diameter “host” pipes comprised commonly of clay, ABS and other plastics, cast-iron, etc. The pipe in question receives a thorough camera inspection, is cleaned via hydro-jetting and/or descaling prior to lining. Lastly, a post-camera inspection is completed. This efficient lining process offers under an hour cure time, and most single application lining jobs are completed within 3 hours. 

Pipe Casting Spray-In-Place-Pipe (SIPP) "Spray" Lining

As an alternative to traditional CIPP lining, Pipe Casting, sometimes referred to as “spray” lining is the process of rehabilitating sewer pipe utilizing resin to create a new pipe inside an existing pipe without a felt material base component. This process choice is most commonly utilized on cast iron pipe on the interior of a building, but also can be applied to ABS and other types of pipe. It is most desirable in areas of pipe that are either unable to be accessed (as in the case of post-tension slabs), where there are tie-in connections that would require reinstatements if covered with traditional pipe-lining, or where the trench and replacement of a said area is inside a dwelling that contains footings or finished flooring. Crews apply this polyester-based resin in layers until desired thickness is achieved, after the host pipe is descaled. Casting layers dry instantly between coats, and the newly-coated sewer can be put back into service rapidly.

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